Recording audio for non profits - what's in it for you, anyway?

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You're in between voiceover auditions or gigs and it's slowed down quite a bit. The auditions are fewer. Then from out of nowhere, someone reaches out to you to join their reading org when you're looking for your next job.

It's for a good cause, they say. You'll help someone enjoy reading, they say.

Well, what do you say?

You're not gonna get any money for it. The exposure is something.

But why should I care about exposure? I'm not getting anything out of it!


I can kinda get into a bratty attitude at times. But I come back to my past life as an reading tutor - from which that magical experience little kids look at you in wonder as these characters come out of you!

It's the magic that touched me as a four year old when I watched Sesame Street. I wasn't just being talked at or down to- the performers spoke to my level. And I felt safe and valued.

So when I thought of reading for a nonprofit (read: FREE) that way, I experienced reading as a professional voice over for target (read: struggling) readers as giving a gift of myself to others, and getting it back in the way of a recharged battery!

Reading for nonprofits - anything for that matter - has a way of recharging me, keeping my skills sharp, and the mind alert. It can be a repast - and it can very well lead to meaningful connections in the future. You can also choose what books to read, which can showcase your range and comfort with the subject matter. Or, reading something new can unlock something about yourself that you never knew before.

That I love reading and love to read to others is no secret! and you - if you are a pro talent, while you read and voice for a living, do you still love to read for the joy of it! Or do you miss having the time to read for yourself?

If you're not in the business but believe you'd like reading and recording, would you do it?

If you made it this far, and are interested, LearningAlly is a nonprofit that's always in need of voiceover people and non-voiceover people to record audiobooks for people struggling to read. The goal remains to make reading more engaging and fun. For more details, contact the indispensable Michael Kinsey at Tell him I sent ya.

For those of you new to the voiceover industry who are looking for a niche- or wondering what your niche is- the books you love to read for personal enjoyment could be a part of your niche in the Narration department. We'll cover niches in a future blog.

For now, I ask you:

What's on your current to-read list?

Would you read it for ACX? Are you reading it for ACX? Why? Why not?

Would you read it for a non-profit?

What are you reading now?

Let me know in your comment below! 

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