• J.E. Burton

    Multiaccented Voice actor

    Sacramento, California

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    The Voice Acting Journey

    ... started in infancy, but took some detours. I grew up in the eastern and southwestern US with a love for reading and imitating characters: my fascination with voice acting began as a voice-chasing tot. It turned into recording tv shows like Knight Rider and Tranformers on my boom box and imitating the characters, and writing episodes of them and drawing comic books! I shelved my studio passions but used voice acting to entertain classes. Teaching conversational English while studying life sciences led to assisting (English-as-Second Language) Teachers in Adult School. I came to a fork in the career road- choosing ESL over science. My ESL career began in 2005, whilst empowering children and adult students gain ground as US Citizens.

    I returned to my first love. Slowly production companies in North America, Oceania, and East Asia invited me to audition. I moved on from ESL to work as background actor in numerous roles and capacities, still training in voiceover education and musical performance.


    Constant in-person workshops with the busiest working LA-based coaches- including Pat Fraley, Debi Derryberry, Billy West, Marc Cashman (and the list goes on!)- hone my skills. I moved on from ESL to work as background actor in numerous roles and capacities while training in voiceover education and musical performance. This dedication earned me my first German (but in English) acting credit ("Der Kleine Wasserman", Goerlitz Children's Museum, East Saxony) while living in Los Angeles! Have a listen at my demos in the dropdown menu above!




    HARDWARE SPECS: WINDOWS ASPIRE 5 WORKSTATION 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-1260P 2.10 GHz


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    auditions@wavstudio.net | LinkedIn | (+1) 209-810-3272 Member, SAG-AFTRA


    Talent Agency

    Lily's Talent Agency, Chicago

    TAG Voices, Austin

    Bigmouth Voices, Auckland


    Film, Voice-Over, and Stage Training

    Beverly Bremers Advanced Animation (One-to-one)

    Julie Williams Medical Narration (One-to-one)

    Anne Ganguzza Corporate Narration (Online)

    Pat Fraley and Billy West Advanced Animation (North Hollywood)

    Tim Tippets Audio Engineering (Online)

    Debi Derryberry Advanced Animation (North Hollywood)

    Nancy Wolfson Promo (Online)

    Marc Cashman Advanced Commercial (Online)

    Steve Blum Video Games (Online)

    Luther Hanson Theory and Acting Techniques (One-to-One)

    Meryl Goldsmith Music Theory (Sacramento)

    Dr. Tobias Sparfeld Intermediate Voice, College Choir (Glendale)

    Donna Erwin Beginning, Intermediate Voice (Sacramento)


    Film and Television

    Sixt Rick (EN) (Dir.) Jeffrey Lisk

    The Little Aquarius Little Aquarius (EN) (Dir.) Matthias Bogner
    Onset Narrator (Dirs.) Anna Engelhardt Mark Cinkevich

    ウサギ と カメ (3) (usagi to kame) Narrator (JP) (Dir.) Anonymous

    XX Case Study Snippies Korean Spokesperson (Dir.) Elizabeth Pollitt

    "Go Everywhere, Reach Everyone: A Story of Change in Japan" (BGEA)Takuya (EN-ADR) (Dir.)Janet Stone

    Where is Ronny (Korean Film) Street Vendor (Dir.) Robin Shiek


    Video Games

    Tomás Tales (VG) Tomás (Dir.) Scott Thompson

    Taco Friends (VG) Dillan, Tomás (Dir.) Scott Thompson

    MinerWars 2081 (VG) Chinese Combat Pilots (Dir.) Marek Rosa

    Mayan Prophecies: Ship of Spirits (VG) Federico Gomes (Dir.) Isaias Vallejo


    English - Native (neutral) Japanese - Fluent Spanish - Fluent

    Accents: Midatlantic (Northeastern, Southeastern): Native Midwestern (Oklahoman, Texan): Native Southwestern (Californian): Native

    E. Asian- Korean, Southern Chinese (Hokkien), Japanese- Professional Australian - Professional


    Performance Skills

    Film Acting, Voice Acting, Vocal, Asian Accents-United States transatlantic; Australian, Japanese, Korean, Hong Kong

    Miscellaneous Skills and Experience

    • Source Connect Certified Home Studio • ADR • Dubbing • Singing

    On Joining Elsevier Health as a Medical Narrator!

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    Why is this book so special? Because it presents complex material in a fun way that makes you want to understand how these processes work in nature and under a microscope!


    At any moment now, I'll get to narrate my first subject as Medical Narrator for Elsevier for Health, a name I enjoyed reading from in high school and uni. In 2002 I could still use this 1995 text. Its immersive photography, effusive writing and crisp framing of both within the margins pulls you in for each page.

    You can almost hear a voice weaving complex words like poetry.


    In 2019 a narrative Designer reached out on my #voice123 profile to invite me to audition for her project at what was then #Shadowhealth . Life happened and following the yearly inquiries on the opportunity to collaborate led to dead ends. Until last year. Elsevier absorbed Shadow Health. On the umpteenth try I connected with Iván Beltrán, who'd taken over for the previous narrative designer. Don't give up on your goals!


    Thank you Ivan. It’s coming #fullcircle ⭕️





    Remember playing team sports when you were little? Of course you do! Think back to that championship game. The pride you felt giving your all for your team - the joy of your teammates bragging on you. Even your rivals commending you. The synergy.


    At their best corporations are the same. Employee-led, corporations strive to broadcast to the world their product and identity through their message. A message that helps earn the trust of the public, investors, and consumers. One of excellence.


    Far from being a shot-in-the-dark-phenomenon- done with teamwork and great skill, Corporate Narration helps achieve this end through many formats on various media from television and radio, internet and mobile - to the silver screen and by word of mouth.

    In short, excellent corporate narration boasts no shortcuts.



    A July 2023 Statista article reported a worldwide corporate ad spend of $517 billion through the third quarter alone. That's a lion's share of revenue that corporations pour back into promoting their brand. Whom do they turn to invest their hard-earned capital? A professional voiceover, of course!


    A skilled voiceover talent who's easy to direct syncs with the direction catapults a corporate brand, its message, and its identity into the stratosphere of the global marketplace. So when the corporate product, message, and brand identity are on the line, corporates trust the professional voiceover who represents their message well over using general in-house personnel.


    This is the area that the trained, experienced professional voice talent comes in.



    An experienced professional voiceover artist leads your corporate brand image through their delivery of your business' brand identity - whether on television, through the internet, on the radio - even word of mouth! The professional voiceover reaches the ears and hearts of your target audience long before they identify the corporation behind them.

    Pretty powerful, isn't it?

    This fact gives you all the better reason to invest in the voiceover talent whose number one goal is making you sound and feel good. And it all begins with a call or email.

    J.E. has over 13 years of professional voiceover experience delivering internal and product videos, e-learning tutorials, promos, commercials, even animation and video games to studios around the world from Australia - to Central Europe - to the Pacific Rim and back -all from a high performance Halstenbek, Germany-based Source Connect Standard studio.

    It's keeping those skills sharp and learning new strategies through regular workshops and mentoring that ensure you get nothing but J.E.'s best for your best day in and out, and to your 100% satisfaction. Trust is the highest valued currency anywhere. You pay more for high quality - expect nothing less.


    Hear J.E.'s corporate demos or request a custom audition or quote.

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