After all, you kinda have to be.

Success as a "new" voiceover artist is not enough to book gig after gig. You need persistence. Investing in yourself. Having an agent helps.

Mentor: Yes.
me: But I didn't study M-

Mentor: ...

Brand persistence is the mark- maybe even HALLmark- of the full-time voice artist.

Thirty years ago there were a handful of VO artists. Only a handful.
Now ... sniff.. my idols are now my competition.
Wait. No, not at all!

e.g. With a youthful characterization Richard Horvitz is in a class by himself.
But then, I need connections. People I offer your services to. Who know I deliver.

But, then I remember that rejection is my sidekick.

The missed sure gig opportunity while I'm on another. S&**!

I'm not sure why I posted this. It's awesomesauce whenever a client gives an unknown a chance
... and is pleasantly surprised by the characterization and range.

Marketing yourself, and knowing your signature brand- pays off dividends in ways just being talented #VO WON'T do.

Walt Disney needed Roy.
The Brain needs Pinky.
#CaptainUnderpants needs George Beard and Harold Hutchins.**


As VO we need to be skilled in BOTH.~

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